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September 18, 2013

Family Photography | New Book | Orange County | California

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It’s not every day that I become a published author… again but I’m super excited that my second book is being released on October 1st. Where my first book was about how to photograph women of all shapes and sizes, this book is all about how to photograph families and was written with the talented Lou Jacobs Jr. I can very much be a minimalist when it comes to gear when photographing families because I feel like people can relax so much more and enjoy their sessions when they aren’t inundated with huge lights in their faces. I think that the book provides a good insight as to how I work. Anyways… if you’re a photographer, aspiring photographer or even just a parent wanting to take better photos of your family (just remember to have your portrait done with your family as well), be sure to check out my book. It can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble as well as on the publisher’s site – Amherst Media

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For those interested in my first book, it can be found at the publisher’s site Oliver-Cameron Publishing for the paperback version or at for an electronic copy.

May 3, 2007

The New Website Is Up & Running!

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And in record time too! Just a note… click the ‘new window’ option on the entry page for better viewing. I’m happy to report that my email issues have been fixed as well.

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Special thanks to my friends and fellow photographers… Britney for the wonderful Photoshop enhancement to my entry page photo and to Jerry for the great photo of Michael and I shown on the ‘About’ page.

May 1, 2007

New Website Coming Soon

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After experiencing a plethora of web and email problems with my current web provider, I’ve decided to scrap my site and start over with a new web company. So, if you notice that my site is down for a couple of days, don’t worry – all is well as a new and improved site is coming soon. Due to this change over, my email will be unreliable so if you need to send me a message, please email me at

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