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August 31, 2011

Brandon At One Month…

A whole month has passed since my daughter gave birth to my grandson Brandon and it was time for his next photo shoot. After being completely impressed that he only got me and his daddy once, Brandon made up for it by peeing on us several times this round. The funny thing is that is something that is completely normal for a person that photographs babies on a regular basis. haha

I can see in the photos already how much Brandon has grown. He’s so much more alert and strong already. I recommend to clients that they have their baby photographed often during the first year because they change so much and as you can tell from this set of portraits, he’s changed a LOT in the last 3 1/2 weeks. Every baby does. This is why I’ll be ‘officially’ photographing Brandon every month. Of course we’ll all take other photos of him but doing professional portraits monthly will make sure that his growth through the first year is well documented.

Now that I’m caught up with the blog posts about him, I promise to keep my Brandon posts to one a month. Of course if you’d like to see more, friend me on Facebook. I’ll put my quick iphone shots as I take them. 😀


Brandon’s First Official Photoshoot…

I usually recommend to my clients to bring their babies in early for photos. There’s something adorable and extra special about a newborn in the first few days. I just love how squishy and bendy they are. My grandson Brandon was no exception. So… at three days he had his first photo shoot in the comfort of his own home. The images of him by himself were actually taken with him on a boppy in an office chair with a blanket draped over it. Not too bad for his MacGyver photographer grandmother. LOL Thankfully he only peed on me and his daddy once during the session. 😀

Baby Brandon Has Arrived…

My daughter Carole-Ann went into labor on her 23rd birthday two days before her estimated due date. Thankfully we had celebrated her birthday the night before because her special day was spent in labor and delivery bringing my grandson – the most beautiful baby in the universe (equal to my own four children of course) into the world. Don’t all mothers and grandmothers believe this – and rightfully so? 😉 After 22 hours of labor, my baby delivered her baby on her birthday with only 14 minutes to spare. She handled labor and delivery like a champ and her and my favorite son in law are natural parents.

Introducing my grandson… Brandon on the day of his birth. A day he will always share with his mother. 😀

And who could forget to add in one image of Brandon at one day old with his Great Grammy Dede – my mother.

Carole-Ann and Michael Are Having a Baby…

It’s not every day that my daughter sends me a text showing a little stick with a plus sign on it but several months ago she did just that. Just months after her beautiful wedding to my most favorite son-in-law in the world. Of course he’s my only son-in-law but that doesn’t matter; he’s still my favorite. 😀 Fast forward to her showing… I mean really showing and we’re doing her maternity photos.

How could time possibly have gone so fast that she went from her being a darling little girl stealing my soda (calling it Dadoo) and licking ketchup off her french fries until they were soggy messes? Where did the little girl running through the sprinklers with a big stick go? My sweet teenager showing the horse that her father and leased for her and volunteering at the barn? Yes… I said sweet and teenager in the same sentence and I meant it. 😀 Where did my little girl go? It’s quite obvious that more than a few years have passed though and that I’m going to be a grandmother. Wow… a grandmother…. a very cool thing indeed but I’m worried – my baby is going to be in labor and in pain delivering this little angel into this world. If I could carry that pain for her, I would. I think that any parent worth their salt would. Life just doesn’t happen that way though now does it? The truth is that no matter how old she gets or how many children she has, she’ll always be my little girl.

Congrats to my gorgeous daughter and favorite son-in-law! Note – my adorable grandson has already arrived by the time of this blog post. Grandma has been a busy bee and is just now catching up. 😀 More to follow.

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