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April 30, 2008


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Adriano’s mother brought him to the studio for some portraits dressed up in the cutest striped shirt and vest. Of course we couldn’t resist putting him au natural on a fuzzy rug for a few images as well. What an adorable little guy!!!

April 29, 2008

Easter Picnic 2008

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Every year my family and a few friends get together for a picnic on Easter Sunday. As usual we met at Wardlow Park in Long Beach. It was a gorgeous day and I spent my rare day off happily sitting in a beach chair with a cold Diet Coke. We even brought the dogs with us. 😀

Odie & Kona


My gorgeous niece Madison




April 28, 2008

Little Zoa…

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Zoa finally arrived after nine months of waiting by big brothers Bart, Timmy & Murphy. She’s an adorable and alert little one. Congrats on your new little sister boys!

April 27, 2008

Deena’s Easter Egg Hunt

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Every year Deena Jeffs has an Easter Egg hunt at her home and this year was no exception. Well over 20 ‘big’ kids waited while the little kids got a head start on the hunt. Minutes later all the eggs were found. Lots of happy kids enjoyed their finds while the moms and dads feasted on fruit, bagels and other snacks. 😀

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