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May 16, 2007

Courtney Scarlett Rose’s Dedication

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Bright and early Mother’s Day morning we met up at the Bethany Church in Long Beach for Courtney’s dedication. Her mom and dad had her all dressed up for the occasion and she was such a good girl during the service. She’s only 9 months old but was ‘singing’ along with the hymns. Congrats to Courtney and some extra love to Mom Lauren on celebrating her very first Mother’s Day as a Mother.


Bob turns 75

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The family got together on Saturday to celebrate Uncle Bob’s 75th birthday. Uncle Bob blew out the candles on his birthday cake and then in true ‘Bob’ fashion; cut the first piece with his pocket knife. As usual, there was a jam session in Bob Jr’s studio and then the girls snuggled up for a movie.

Don and Carole-Ann

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I think my two oldest were feeling a bit left out since Mom had been out shooting everyone’s portraits but theirs. So they both ‘booked’ a bit of Mom’s time for some photos of their own. Carole-Ann was dying for some studio and roof top portraits while Don wanted a few with our Ducati S4R motorcycle.

May 3, 2007

The New Website Is Up & Running!

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And in record time too! Just a note… click the ‘new window’ option on the entry page for better viewing. I’m happy to report that my email issues have been fixed as well.

True Blue Photography

Special thanks to my friends and fellow photographers… Britney for the wonderful Photoshop enhancement to my entry page photo and to Jerry for the great photo of Michael and I shown on the ‘About’ page.

May 1, 2007

New Website Coming Soon

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After experiencing a plethora of web and email problems with my current web provider, I’ve decided to scrap my site and start over with a new web company. So, if you notice that my site is down for a couple of days, don’t worry – all is well as a new and improved site is coming soon. Due to this change over, my email will be unreliable so if you need to send me a message, please email me at

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